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About Me


Senior Consultant @ Self Employed
Authored the official AWS migration playbook from SQL Server to Aurora MySQL.
Designed data pipes combining Cloudera, PolyBase, and R Services for Intel GSM.
Performed architectural and scalability assessment for Intuit Payroll cloud migration project.
​​Redesigned the data model and schema for Karmak parts inventory application.

Consulting / Mentoring

Home: San Francisco Bay Area
Pets: 4 Rescue Cats
Vehicles: Motorcycle & Convertible
Diet: Vegan
Favorite Author: Robert M. Pirsig
Hobbies: Building things
Languages: English, Hebrew, SQL


Professional Skills

​​Ami Levin

I love helping organizations get more value from their data. I specialize in data tier architecture, relational database design, SQL code, and performance tuning.


April 2018 - Present
April 2019 - Present
2014 - 2016

I have authored curricula, white papers, technical articles, video courses, and guides for O'Reilly Media, PluralSight, LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services.

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I have delivered numerous in-person, online, and on-demand training with an average feedback score > 9.5 / 10.

2012 - 2014
2016 - Present
Director of Data Tier Architecture @ Tachyus
Redesigned the data tier from scratch, creating a new data model, the architecture and the database schema to support that model, and data migration. Designed and implemented abstraction interfaces to facilitate efficient migration of existing application code. Decoupled the entangled processes that were hindering growth. Introduced automated processes for data flow and quality control.
Senior Instructor @ O'Reilly Media
I regularly deliver online SQL training for O'Reilly Media Safari training platform. 
Senior Instructor and MEntor @ SolidQ
Guided organizations in overcoming obstacles for some the most challenging, mission critical data environments in health, finance, retail, manufacturing, IT, and others. 
​Helped customers prepare for growth, performed architectural, scalability, security and HA/DR assessments.

Quick Facts

For the past 25 years, I have been consulting, implementing, coding, teaching, speaking, authoring, and helping organizations derive more value from their data platforms while reducing costs.

I believe that foundational education and careful design are the cornerstones of every project.

Unfortunately, in recent years I witness a growing trend of over-reliance on the latest shiny, silver-bullet technologies to save the day and solve all data problems, but I have yet to see a technology that could beat a bad design. See "Solutionism"...

I have Invented a patented, automatic performance optimization solution for SQL Server, which is being used by global industry leaders including Siemens, BMW, US Air Force, Tyson foods, Nestle, Raiffeisen Bank, Micron, and Pilot Travel Centers.

Author @ Pluralsight, Lynda / LinkedIn Learning
Author of Database and SQL content online training video courses.